Welcome! Read ME!! fantr is a social platform for fandom banter. Rules? Simple. Be courteous and respectful. Invite great people. As long as you do those things, flail your heart out! No one's going to judge you. It's literally what we're here for. Ship all the things! Pick apart all the plots! Get in your feels. Play out the struggle between your head and your heart. We love it ALL! The community is based around groups. Join groups for your favorite things, and contribute your most passionate flails. Our extensive profile builds will also help you find the best people to follow. Ask for new groups or submit ideas in The Sand Box. You'll notice some admin and founder badges floating around. Many more badges are coming for you to be able to sport your most important labels. In fact, there are lots of features on the way! This account is always available to answer moderator, admin, or tech questions. Admins will boot rude people! Don't engage in fights. Report trolls and they’ll take care of it. It's generally a three strikes system, but egregious disrespect of people or any -ism, is a pretty quick ticket off this train! Now, go get your fantr on!

Posted by fantr at 2023-04-26 18:47:08 UTC